6 thoughts on “And there was much rejoicing…

    • Essays are graded and final grades have been submitted. Nothing left for me to do except wait for the inevitable emails about grades and respond with the standard “No, Student X, I did not make any mistakes in calculating your grade, you really did squeak through by the skin of your teeth” reply :)

  1. Congrats on making it to the end of the semester (she says too late)! Enjoy your summer.

    P.S. I wouldn’t really like tap as a form of dance if I wasn’t so entranced by the complexity of rhythms thrown off by those tapping heels and toes. It’s more like playing a musical instrument with style. Thanks for the clip!

    • Thanks!

      I know what you mean about tapping. Visually, it can get kinda boring and repetitious (though Gene Kelly is also such a talented dancer and not just tap dancer – I could watch him doing laundry and it would have been awesome! ;). Gregory Hines was (sad!) a good example of this. He always looked sort of goofy, but watching his feet is mesmerizing.

      Here’s one of my favorite things of all time: Gregory Hines accompanyingStanley Clarke (or vice versa?) on the electric bass:
      (I seem to always end up embedding videos in comments for some reason. It it doesn’t play properly here, it’s on YouTube).

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