A mid-August link fest.

I’m going to cheat today. Monday’s 1,700 word post left me a little worn out, kind of like Harry Potter after conjuring a Patronus.

Yes, I admit it. I read all the books. But I got the British “adult” versions. Oh, now get your minds out of the gutter! It just means that the covers were less cartoonish, making it easier to pretend that we’re not reading a kids’ book. I liked the books and I’m vain, what can I say?

As a bonus, I finally found that Tom Petty CD I thought I'd lost.

To take a break from research and course planning, and to finally finish the Great Summer Book Reorganization, I bought paint, moved furniture into the middle of the room, and dusted off my old CD player, because painting seems to go hand in hand with the local classic rock station, static and all.

While I keep painting and refreshing brain cells, here are some links I’ve found this week that you may enjoy.

Who’s on first?

Word power.

What language is…

  • Steven Pinker lectures on thought and language, and probably doesn’t get quite as plum tuckered out as I would.
  • Did you know? Nope? Well here are 9 interesting facts about language that you’ll know if you follow this link!
  • The Visual Thesaurus asks what language is. The answer? Disheveled.

…and how we use it.

How do you recharge your mental batteries after some intense writing?

2 thoughts on “A mid-August link fest.

  1. I really, really don’t like painting. This may be because three years ago, we decided to paint the entire interior of our house before we put in new flooring. My small house seemed so endlessly big while painting it!
    I look forward to clicking on your links. It seems that I’ve already clicked on the “who and whom” link at some point! I’m not sure who to blame for my lack of who and whom confidence! :)
    Enjoy your painting and take a break from the fumes now and then! :)

    • I really don’t blame you! It’s amazing how much bigger walls can seem when painting :) I want to do the living room as well, but that will have to wait. I’ll choose some other, less disruptive projects to satisfy my DIY urge :)

      Hope you enjoy the links!

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