Happy New Year!

Perhaps many people who have spent their lives on an academic schedule would agree that the advent of September and Labor Day weekend feels like New Year’s Eve. We all have brand new things: new clothes and shoes, clean notebooks, fresh pens and pencils, and hope in the potential of another school year. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I even make some ‘resolutions’ for the new year. I always promise that my syllabuses will be organized and clear, my papers will be graded on time, and my sarcasm will not reach full force until at least the end of October, and will be directed only to the toughest students who can take it.

I might even be blurry-eyed.

While this is a very exciting time of year, it is also quite hectic. An added component is my inclusion in T’s wedding this weekend, 500 miles away from my home. Because this coming week will present me with many things that will all demand my attention, I will be giving myself a brief hiatus from blogging. In other words, I’m taking the week off! I’ll return on Monday, the 12th of September, fresh-faced and bushy-tailed. Okay, probably a little wan-faced and scraggly-tailed, but still ready to be back.

It can be a difficult thing to get back into full-swing after having had a relatively slow, languid summer. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with the stress of suddenly being pulled in ten different directions at the same time. Luckily, I’ve gotten some very wonderful, supportive comments from a few of my very closest friends. I thought I’d share some of these in case you too, dear readers, are dealing with back-to-school stress.

First, I was really grateful when the always insightful Sex Dating promised to follow me: “Keep up this good work, and you have a nice blog over here with much good information,” he or she said. “When you post some new stuff, I’ll visit your blog again and I’ll follow it.” And his or her twin, Sex Hub Mobile, said, “you’re in point of fact a just right webmaster. The website loading velocity is amazing. It seems that you are doing any unique trick. Also, The contents are a masterpiece. you have done a excellent activity on this subject.” No, Sex Hub Mobile, your contents are a masterpiece!

Sex Dating must have told his/her friends about me, because just a few minutes later, I got a similar message from Rij Bewijs that said, “It’s a nice blog you have over here! It’s very usefull information for me and I just want to thank you for that! If you post more threads as this one, I’ll follow your blog active!

It’s so nice to reach people.

It was also fantastic to know that at least three – three! – people wanted to share my writing on their newsletter. In fact, they each sent me the same message. “Outstanding article not to mention very easy towards realize explanation. How do I just do receiving permission towards submit element of this content with my future news letter? Giving suitable consumer credit rating back to you typically the author not to mention link in the web site would not be considered trouble.”

I’m glad it wouldn’t be considered trouble to share my work, because I’d never want to cause any trouble to my new cyber buddies Leopoldo, Darrel, and Geraldine.  They’re just all so supportive, all wanting to publish my work in their newsletter. It was just the good news I was looking for!

What’s even better than being told that I have good information in my articles, or that my post will be published in a newsletter, is when others believe I should actually be paid! Yuriko just sent me this bombshell: ” It’s a good shame you don’t contain a give money button! I’d definitely give money for this fantastic website! That i suppose right now i’ll acknowledge bookmarking together with attaching an individual’s Feed that will my best Msn balance. That i appearance forward that will recent messages and definitely will share the web site utilizing my best Facebook or twitter team.”

Hotshot Bald Cop is just such a joker. Imagine putting fish heads in hubcaps! What a scamp!

Some of the kindest words came from Hotshot Bald Cop, who actually commented on several of my posts, just to make sure I would get the message. First, he/she made me smile by saying, “Interesting views regarding that!” Later, it expressed its support for me when it told me to “Preach it my brother!” To be honest, I read this comment and felt a little confused. I felt the same way as I did one day when I saw a very handsome man waving at me on the street. I was thrilled until I realized his wife was standing right behind me. I felt maybe Hotshot Bald Cop had meant to post on a different blog, one actually written by a ‘brother’. But then I remembered that she has such a kooky sense of humor that she’s probably just joking around with me, trying to get me to cheer up and laugh a little.

That theory was confirmed when he left two more wonderful comments: “You my pal are a genius.” and “Now that is some magnificent literature!” Good ol’ Hotshot! How could I have doubted you?

Last but not least, I have the most precious comment of all from one of my dearest, dearest supporters, Anonymous, who said, “Tgw Fyf gcwrjrzxonqu [url=http://rznyfsbzzqr…/] rznyufsbzzqr [url…],,[link=http//vmcwyjayntkg.net////] vmcwyjanytgbio/link,,http”

I mean, how could you not feel better after such wise words?

And so, armed with encouraging words and a healthy appreciation for the absurd, I leap into the fray. I wish you all a wonderful Labor Day weekend and good luck in dealing with your own New Year’s Resolutions!

16 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Funny, I was just thinking today that this time of year always feels like the beginning of the year to me, too. I suppose it always will considering I’ve spent more time as a student or teacher than as anything else. I hope your new school year and your wedding trip go well. Enjoy yourself, and like Sex Hub Mobile I’ll be axiously awaiting your next unique trick! :)

    • Oh, the unique tricks I have up my sleeve… ;)

      I think I’ve been on a school year schedule for my entire life. Even before I went to school, I was still aware of my older siblings’ schedules. I have vague memories of being jealous and anxiously waiting for my turn to ride the big yellow bus in September. I worked for one school in Turkey that ran classes all year long with no set start or end date, but we all had to take the bulk of our vacation time in July and August, and September was when the new teachers started. So it was still the same in spirit. I really don’t know what it would be like to go into September like a ‘normal’ person ;)

  2. One thing I learned the hard way: cite something in Cyrillic on your blog and you’ll attract every Russian comment spammer on the Internet. And they are relentless.

    Safe travels!

    • Ooh, good to know. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that I’d find a reason to cite something in Cyrillic or some other alphabet. In the meantime, I am left to wonder why I keep getting spammers who inform me, “I am going to grab your rss.” !!

  3. This made me smile. This Labor Day weekend marks one year of blogging and 63 posts. Happy Birthday to me. I only wonder what stories are left to be written.
    My comments keep me going, put wind in my sails. How sweet and generous of you to offer up the comments of our LOTE learners…probably from all over the world. You are a sensitive teacher to encourage their contributions and highlight their feedback…perhaps there was sarcasm in your post…but I did not really detect any…just a dedicated teacher who loves the rhythm of our academic New Year. Happy New Year and have a lovely week.

    • Happy Blogiversary! There are always more stories to be written and I look forward to reading them. :)

      If I gave into the urge to use sarcasm, it was only of the mildest form once or twice… ;)

  4. I am confident you will find the strength to make it through the next week, based on the support shown by your readers. Clearly they ‘get you’, and no doubt you feel motivated to continue. I love that Anonymous spoke in code. S/he knows you are super dooper smart and will figure it out.
    Enjoy your week ahead. Safe travels.

    • Oh, thanks for the New Year’s wishes. Those would be some pretty awesome things to have :)

      Hotshot Bald Cop is indeed pretty awesome. He’s such a consistent contributor! His last comment was just two days ago and he said, “I never thought of it that way, well put!”. He’s much better than that grumpy old Loans Consolidation who said that it “Can not believe Yahoo thinks this is news!”. Jerk!

  5. Happy New Year to you, Leo! I either don’t write the stuff that draws comment spam, or Blogger is doing some serious ninja spam blocking unbeknownst to me… and if so I’m going to use that as my excuse for being too lazy to complete my migration to WordPress.

    Enjoy your hiatus, and I look forward to your return.

    • I wonder if I’ll get a lot more spam now that I’ve featured them ;) Honestly, I don’t get huge amounts – maybe a handful each week – but the ones I get are just too funny to keep to myself! There was one comment that was like a weird chain story written by people tripping on acid. It was fantastic and I saved it because there just has to be something I can do with it.

      (C’mon over…it’s good here…Wordpress knows you want to…you know you want to..:)

    • Yeah, I was the same way. The shininess of all the new things just seemed to hold such promise. I was one of those weirdos who really liked school, but it was still nice to get to the end of the year.

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