Saturday hit and run.

I think I just saw a pig fly by my window.

The devil is suddenly feeling chilly.

David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen are best friends again.

I’m about to post my second video in as many weeks.

What is happening?

Clearly, I’m in the grip of temporary insanity, prompted by a challenge issued by gojulesgo of the blog Go Guilty Pleasures. Riffing off the popularity of the Accent Video blog idea, Julie (I don’t know if I’m allowed to call her Jules yet) asked folks to do the following:

  1. Tell everyone who you are, why we should care, and what your silliest guilty pleasure is.
  2. Incorporate my favorite word: heinous.
  3. Oh yeah, you only have 30 seconds.  (Because every game is funnier when the clock is ticking.)

She said in comments that the favorite word could be our own, so I did not use the word heinous, even though I do think it’s a pretty great word. I did use freakin’ which is of course a slightly more polite version of fuckin’ because I do love me the swear words, but it seemed more appropriate to use the euphemism for this. I mean, we barely know each other!

Other bloggers who have succumbed to the pressure risen to the challenge so far are She’s a Maineiac, Deborah the Closet Monster, and Lessons from Teachers and Twits.

It’s a fun idea, I need a break from grading, and I like keeping people their toes, so here goes nothin’!

Other guilty pleasures I didn’t have time to reveal in the video include:

  • Shoes, and most recently these boots in leopard print.
  • Project Runway and Top Chef.
  • Curse words.
  • Closing the blinds and dancing like a fool.
  • and videos of Maru the cat on YouTube

Aaaaaaand SCENE!

Have a great weekend everyone!

16 thoughts on “Saturday hit and run.

  1. … any pleasure should bring guilt. That is hysterical!! I also loved how you said ‘crank up’ the volume. AND – you take it to ’11’. Which, ever Spinal Tap fan knows, ’11’ is the best number for speakers. Freakin’ funny, Leonore!

    • “any pleasure should bring guilt”
      I actually typed these into my search window so I could comment on them specifically here! LOVE IT! I also have a soft spot for the concluding note: “out of your freakin’ minds.”

      But really? All of this was so pleasing! BWAHAHAHAH. (I just kinda have to end that way, in light of the circumstances.)

      • I’m so glad you did end it with the evil laugh! So a propos :) Thanks for coming over to check it out! I too have the Buffy DVD, seasons 1-7. Just so love it. In fact, it just occurred to me a few days ago that I really should do a post on Buffy-speak. (One of my favorite examples was when Buffy said to Giles, “Uh-oh, you have but face.” :)

        I do enjoy the “out of your freakin’ minds” phrase and use it perhaps too often with my students, usually in response to things like, “Can we have more time for the essay?”

        We Catholics do love our guilt ;)

  2. Leonore: I am so competitive when it comes to winning, all I can see is that your video is .32 seconds. How wrong is that? Don’t worry, I won’t tell Jules. But I cannot believe you didn’t sing! I wanted to hear you sing at ELEVEN! (“Ours goes to eleven!”)

    • I know! I was bummed. On my computer it said 31.2-something, but YouTube rounded up. Still over 30, though. ALTHOUGH, I also noticed that Julia’s video was 31 seconds, so she can’t award herself the prize either! :)

      Sing? Out of your freakin’ mind, woman! ;)

  3. Hooray!!! This is fantastic!! The Catholic guilt comment cracked me up, and I’m so glad you listed other guilty pleasures below (because I can never get enough!). Thanks so much for playing! I’m having a blast with this, and I hope everyone else is, too. How on earth am I going to pick just one winner?! …I’m sure Renee has an answer for that. LOL!!

    P.S. – You can totally call me Jules. :)

    • Thanks, Jules!
      It was a fun game. I never really gave into peer pressure, but WordPressure is a whole different story apparently! I guess it’s my way of shedding all the Catholic guilt.

      And yeah, I think Renee wants to win, eh? ;)

  4. Oh, that was fantastic! I love the word you chose, but I tend to substitute it with the other F word (only when no one is around, of course) What a bummer we didn’t get to hear you sing. But I understand. It was a sheer miracle I even decided to tape myself in a vlog two times! It would take David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen becoming best friends again, for me to tape myself again. :)

    • Thanks! I soooo use the other word too when I’m not filming myself. And that makes it sound like I’m filming myself every other day, which I am most certainly not! I don’t curse when it’s not appropriate. When it is, however, I don’t really hold back.

      Honestly, I think I was willing to do the vlog thing again because you were brave enough to do it twice! :)

    • It’s funny how I can be a lapsed Catholic but still carry around all the guilt. I haven’t been to church in so many years because it would be hypocritical of me to sit there and pretend, and yet I still feel ever-so-slightly guilty about not going. How messed up is it that I feel guilty for not being a hypocrite?? ;)

  5. I tried making a video last night. My chest broke out in hives and I talk so much that after about 22 takes I could only manage to get mine down to 33 seconds. I may try again today, :)
    I’m so glad to have not been raised Catholic. I’m rarely guilty about my guilty pleasures. I save my guilt for parenting issues! I love your video! :)

    • That’s what happened with the Accent video. I kept doing takes and every one ended up with me saying “GAH!” then erasing that video and starting over :) This one was different. I thought for a few minutes about what guilty pleasure I should talk about, I timed myself once so I knew how fast to talk, and then just sat down and did it in one take. In other words, I forced myself to not overthink it, like I do with every other thing in my life ;) Even so, it was still 32 seconds. I probably should have tried one more time to get it to 30.

      See? Overthinking again. I hope you try again and post your video. I’d love love love to see it :)

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