Happy Hallowe’en!

It’s been a long, unexpectedly snowy weekend with no electricity (until today, finally!) but the girls would like to wish everyone a Happy Hallowe’en! They would like you to know that As a Linguist will be guest posting on Wednesday, and to please return to find out where. At least that’s what I think they said. It’s just as likely that they were demanding their cheese. They do love cheese, those girls.

14 thoughts on “Happy Hallowe’en!

    • It was sunny today and a bit warmer. I don’t mind the chill (I love sweaters!) but nearly a foot of snow on the ground before the end of October was a bit of a surprise! No one was expecting the storm to actually be as bad as it was. But it made for some good cuddling opportunities :)

  1. The headwear … priceless. I don’t think mine would accept that. I did try a bow tie on one of them, though, and he looked very stylish in it.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more about the gust posting! :)

  2. Oh, those girls!! They are certainly well-trained little felines when it comes to hats! Happy belated Halloween to you! We had about 5 inches of snow and our county closed school yesterday. Today. it’s beautifully sunny and I just took my recycling out in flip-flops. I’m not giving in; flip-flop weather will last as long as I can make it!

    • My Gomer was much more tolerant of the hats. These girls sit still for a few stunned seconds, and then start flopping around and scooching backwards on little one-inch legs. Such drama queens. I put a little ballerina dress on them and Mrs.Parker just tipped over and went all stiff. Actually, that should be my next vlog! ;)

      You holding out with flip-flops is like me holding out with my boots in the spring. Oh how I love my boots!

  3. Zelda and Mrs. Parker look fab. They are also far more patient models than my two boys would be!

    Happy (very) late Halloween. So much to do around here, that I’ve been relegated to “lurker” status, catching up on posts via phone, neglecting comments and doing no blogging of my own. Regular activity shall resume, someday soon…

    • I have definitely felt similarly. A full teaching schedule has brought me down to one post a week and I haven’t been commenting nearly as much as I would like to.

      (And in case you’re wondering, yes you are sorely missed, but I hope there are good things afoot for you in your non-virtual world! :)

      • Ah, thanks for your kind words. They are good things. But as the saying goes, there’s a cloud to every silver lining. I just got to get through some stuff. I’ll spill the whole story soon.

        Good luck with the rest of the term. Christmas is coming!

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