Off a-visitin’.

You think I'm impressed by five degrees?

Warning: This post is about as unconnected to language or linguistics as I am to Kevin Bacon…who was in “A Few Good Men” with Tom Cruise, who was in “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman, who was in “Little Big Man” with Faye Dunaway, who was in “Mommy Dearest” with Mara Hobel, who was one of my childhood friends.

Which I guess would mean that this post is only 5 degrees of separation from linguistics.


Do not bother me unless you can get it to three degrees.

A few months ago, I was reading through some of the blogs on my reading list, and I linked to this post on the blog Three Cat Yard. The Peppers were a group of kittens being fostered by Robyn at Love and Hisses. The post described the genetics of the kittens’ coloring. This made me extremely curious about my own cats, so I took up the author’s invitation to send in a question, and I got an awesome response.

A few weeks later, I got an email from Kate, who runs the blog From Alone to Home: Stories of Adopted Pets.  She’d seen the post about my girls and wanted to know if I’d write their story for her blog. Of course I did! So, I wrote and she posted yesterday. So if anyone is interested, pop on over and find out how I found my girls.

I’m out of town for the next few days, and when I come back, I’ll be back to posting and commenting more regularly. Have a great week, everyone!

Are they clicking on the links? Are they? I can't see, can you? Hey, is that a ribbon? I don't know! Focus! Pay atte-- hey, is that a mouse?

19 thoughts on “Off a-visitin’.

    • I guess 5 degrees isn’t too shabby. And having been friends with Mara is my link to varying degrees to a lot of people in Hollywood, actually. She was on Rosanne when she was older, so I’m 2 degrees from Sarah Gilbert, who was in ER, which means I’m 3 degrees from that hot Croatian dude (Goran Visnjic) AND George Clooney. Oh my goodness, why didn’t I start this game earlier??? ;)

      Hope you enjoy!

  1. If the story about Mrs. Parker and Zelda is as entertaining as your link to Kevin Bacon, then I am all about reading it. I do not understand why Mrs. Parker is not impressed. Have a nice time while out of town. Now, excuse me, I have a story to read on another blog.

    • Oh, Mrs.Parker is never really impressed by anything. She’s a little skeptic, that one. Zelda will be impressed initially and insist on sniffing every single degree of separation, but then she’ll lose interest.

      I certainly will enjoy the brief time away. It’s kind of like hitting a reset button before the work of the semester starts back up :) Thanks for visiting me at the other site!

    • I love writing about language, but it’s fun to write about other stuff as well. I’m hoping to do more of it this coming year.

      I’m sorry your kitties aren’t with you. I still miss my Gomer. I don’t think it ever really goes away. They squirm the way right into our hearts, don’t they? :)

      Thanks for coming a-visitin’ with me!

  2. Your girls are adorable and I’m off to read the guest post now. I just had to move my two cats to their new adoptive home so I could ensure they were settled in before we leave the country, and I am absolutely heartbroken.

    Sorry I’ve been MIA but preparing for the move has completely flattened me mentally and emotionally. Much like you, I’ll try to get back to regular posting when things settle down a bit. I hope you had a lovely holiday break and all the best to you for 2012!

    • I’m so sorry you can’t bring your kitties with you! I know that England has – or at least had the last time I heard – a 6-month quarantine for animals. I couldn’t imagine having to do that to my girls.

      I hope your move goes well! It’s a huge thing, what you’re doing, and even when you think you are ‘prepared’, some unexpected emotion comes and sweeps the rug out from under you. I look forward to hearing tales from across the pond!

    • I wonder how one manages an emoticon that captures a “Aw, how cute and how sad at the same time!” pout/smile face that shows sympathy. Well, that’s what I’m doing right now at any rate :)

  3. So if yours truly, The Last Leaf Gardener, worked with Dustin Hoffman (in “Family Business”), who was in “Little Big Man” with Faye Dunaway, who was in “Mommy Dearest” with Mara Hobel, who was a childhood friend of the author of “As A Linguist”, then how many degrees of separation are we? I knew there was a “connection” somewhere, because I enjoy your writing, and recently I wrote on a topic which you did also, but I did not know it until I caught up on my blog reading.

    Congratulations on your guest post @ “About . . . ” it was very poignant.

    • I believe that’s five degrees. Cool! :)

      I’m so behind on reading and commenting and writing. The holidays are always a blur, then there was a quick trip to Newport, then there was recovery from semester and holidays, and this week, there’s gearing up for the new semester that starts in a few days! These winter breaks are never really as relaxing as one would hope! But this coming semester is looking good for me to do a lot of catch up, so I plan on popping on over to see our shared topic.

      Thanks for visiting my guest post, too! :)

    • I clearly have some networking to do, though I will probably focus more on getting fewer degrees to George Clooney or Colin Firth. This will also please my boyfriend, who will then be fewer degrees to Selma Hayak.

    • How sweet are you? :)

      Apparently, January is not a good writing month for me. Too much going on in December with about a minute and a half breathing room before there’s too much going on in January. This happened to me last year, too, but the difference was I hadn’t been writing as regularly and no one was reading my blog yet so I was the only one who noticed ;)

      I’ve already set aside most of tomorrow to polish off one piece and start a few others. Re-launch on Monday. SO much new stuff going on, and SO many ideas creating a traffic jam in my head!

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