Swirling thoughts and a link.

In rem jurisdiction and in personam jurisdiction. Strict scrutiny or rational relationship. Two-part test for long-arm statutes. Selective incorporation via the 14th Amendment. Stare decisis.

Quiz on run-on sentences. Grading final drafts for evening class. Grading rough drafts for Saturday class. Definition essay organization. Principles of revision and editing. Checking, always checking, for plagiarism.

Codfish cakes. Beer. Vacuuming. Maybe some fruit or brownies. Beer. Finding paper plates. Beer.

These are the things that I can’t keep out of my mind this week. The reasons are, respectively, a midterm on Friday morning, my normal teaching activities, and the book club meeting I am hosting on Friday night. Of course, the overriding thought that then drowns everything else out is, “Three days until Spring Break…three days until Spring Break…just…three…days…”

To avoid putting you all through the torture of hearing any more about my tasks for this week, I offer a new post over at Modern Day Dinosaur.  I’ll give you a hint: there are before and after pictures, and Men Without Hats!

7 thoughts on “Swirling thoughts and a link.

    • Not quite. I’m taking an Intro to Paralegal Studies class at the school where I teach. It’s a fishing expedition to see if it’s a viable next career. Law school isn’t in the plans (I literally JUST finished paying off my student loans, and I really don’t ever want any more of them) but I am not ruling out completely. If someone else pays ;)

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