I’m not done yet!

What I thought was my return to regular blogging in February turned out to be just a quick visit before I wandered off again. I thought I was ready, but the semester I just finished turned out to be a bit of a sleeper cell: innocent and calm, and then explosive. I had an odd schedule that turned out to be too fragmented to provide either a productive rhythm or any real respite from the work.

But As a Linguist was never far from my mind, and though I didn’t quite have the mental stamina to devote to teaching, studying and writing, I knew I would return in a more meaningful way as soon as the semester ended.

Lovely Lake George.

My work finally ended on Monday, 14 May. The next day, Buzz and I high-tailed it out of town and spent several days poking around upstate New York. Then I returned and started teaching my summer course on Monday, 21 May.

Now that it’s up and running, I want to turn my attention to reviving my poor neglected corner of the blogosphere. It’s time to shake things up a bit, so there will probably be some changes in the next few weeks. I’ll be working out a schedule that will help me stay creative and productive, both for As a Linguist and A Modern Day DinosaurAnd it may be time for some cosmetic changes at long last!

I’ve missed Blogland and am excited to get back in the game!

So, my question to you is, do you have any suggestions for changes or topics you’d like to see?