Is it can be lolspeak tiem nao, plees?

Oh, hai!

Iz soopr excitd 2 be bak, srsly. Todai, iz rite bout kittehs an teh wai dey speekz on teh internet an stuff, kthx!

Wait…that doesn’t seem right.

Oh, that’s right. I’m not a Lolcat. They sure do talk funny, don’t they?

There have been a lot of other blog posts and research written about Lolspeak, and in typical form, I’m finally getting around to it five years after the historical founding of

Obviously, my interest was in the peculiar linguistic construction of Lolspeak, but the more I read, the more I became interested in the sociolinguistics of the phenomenon. Who are these lolcat captioners? What do I have to do to make a good lolcat picture without looking like a poseur? Continue reading