A linguist’s first reblog.

It’s a linguist’s first reblog!

I’m working on some new content to go up (hopefully) this week. In the meantime, however, did y’all really think I’d ignore National Grammar Day? Please enjoy this blog post from Motivated Grammar about grammar myths that should just go away.

Except the one about comma splices. That’s according to me, though. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. (Clearly, I’m okay with sentence fragments, though.)

Motivated Grammar

It’s National Grammar Day 2013, which has really snuck up on me. If you’ve been here in previous years, you know that I like to do three things on March 4th: have a rambling speculative discussion about the nature of grammar and/or linguistics, link to some people’s posts I’ve liked, and link to some of my posts. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy with dissertation work lately that I’m a bit worn out on discussion and haven’t been adequately keeping up with everyone’s blogs. So I hope you’ll forgive my breach of etiquette in making this year’s NGD post all Motivated Grammar posts.

Well, not entirely. Everyone in our little community gets in on National Grammar Day, so let me mention a few good posts I’ve seen so far. Kory Stamper discusses her mixed feelings on the day, as well as on correcting people’s language in general. Dennis Baron looks at…

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