I guess you had to be there

Just like most books I read, the things I write about tend to stay with me for several days after I’ve finished the last edit. Sometimes this means that I have to go back and tweak some more, and other times it’s just being a little obsessive over minor details. The ideas feel too unfinished and I’m always afraid I’ve done a poor job of adequately explaining anything. Then my rational brain enters the picture and reminds me that editing is my friend and the mysteries of the universe will never be solved in my lifetime, so I shouldn’t sweat the fact that I couldn’t explain them all in 1,000-1,500 words. Continue reading

This just in…babies make noises!

As I mentioned in Monday’s Redux, there are few things that would have allowed me to avoid the YouTube Video of babbling twins this past week: an emergency lobotomy, a fiery crash, an alien abduction, and possibly, if I were the type, a week-long bender with my pals Jack and José. If you were actually on any of the aforementioned adventures, you might want to check out this video to catch yourselves up.

In a nutshell, twin boys, about a year-and-a-half old, are standing in front of the refrigerator and babbling at each other, seemingly having a ‘conversation.’ One appears to be more dominant and the other waits his turn patiently. Occasionally, the quieter twin also lifts the foot that has no sock on it. Speculation, of course, is that the missing sock is the topic of conversation.

Sure, they were cute, if a bit shrill. It was amusing to see them make each other laugh. It could also be fun for some to pretend what they’re saying, kind of like the famous patty cake cats. From my point of view, the most interesting aspect was watching the interaction of true peers: same age, same input and environment, similar inherited linguistic capabilities. Continue reading