Snarky, sassy, smart.

Those three words are the tagline for Wordbitches, a fantastic blog on which three snarky, sassy, smart women share their thoughts on all things writing. It’s also where you can find my post today in my first ever guest blogger spot. I’m excited that I can make my debut in the midst of these dedicated and talented women.

So join me over there today, and don’t forget to take a walk through all the other great stuff Leanne, Elena, and Trish offer on Wordbitches. I’ll be back here on Wednesday for the final item in my Bêtes Noires countdown.

Finally, just a word of thanks to everyone who left such great comments and compliments on my Freshly Pressed post of last week. It was a thrill to experience that for a second time, and I loved hearing all of your language learning experiences. I now get the even better prize of having more great blogs to explore and enjoy!