I guess you had to be there

Just like most books I read, the things I write about tend to stay with me for several days after I’ve finished the last edit. Sometimes this means that I have to go back and tweak some more, and other times it’s just being a little obsessive over minor details. The ideas feel too unfinished and I’m always afraid I’ve done a poor job of adequately explaining anything. Then my rational brain enters the picture and reminds me that editing is my friend and the mysteries of the universe will never be solved in my lifetime, so I shouldn’t sweat the fact that I couldn’t explain them all in 1,000-1,500 words. Continue reading

Let’s ride that trail again…

This semester, I’ve had a light enough schedule that it allows me the luxury of actually having some free time on the weekends. It’s never completely free, but it is much better than last semester, for example, when it was the rare weekend that I didn’t have to grade a distressingly thick stack of papers every single weekend (thus the 5 months of dead air on this blog!) I do certainly take advantage of this free time. After planning lessons, I’ve had a chance to take some photos, go to dinner, and even take a bike ride.

I also spent a little while wandering around the internet, seeing what’s out there  – other than the usual suspects – and looking for a few interesting tidbits for another edition of Redux. Continue reading