A slightly soggy update.

There’s not much to tell so far. I’ve had no power since Monday night but no damage or flooding. The roads in my area are mostly clear by now so I have ventured out to find an internet signal.

And that’s all there is to report. All in all, I know I’ve been lucky. Though having no power or water is certainly an inconvenience, it is no more than that. The house is not flooded, there’s no tree in my living room, and no one I know has tragically died. I have wood and a fireplace, food in the pantry and a grill to cook it on. I have warm kittens who like to sleep on my lap while I read a good book and sip at some wine.

Life, for the moment, is fine. A little dimly lit, but just fine.

And so, to celebrate Hallowe’en, I offer what I believe is the finest Hallowe’en film noir I’ve seen in my life thus far. You’ll see at the end how well I can relate to it.

Actually, given that I was also out of power exactly one year ago, it’s even more fitting!

As you can see, I’m making very good use of the limited opportunities for internet access.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! And to those on the East Coast, I hope you all weathered the storm and are doing well.