Friday Potluck

Let me begin with a confession: my mind is on vacation. It didn’t tell me before it left, and though I had my suspicions, I didn’t fully recognize its absence until yesterday when I showed up for a dentist’s appointment that is not – strictly speaking – until Saturday. I am loathe to break my habit of posting 2-3 times every week, however, and so I will work with the few neural stragglers that have been left behind to house-sit to present a collection of ideas and links that might not flesh out an entire post, but which may be interesting anyway. Continue reading

A Portrait of the Linguist as a Young Dorky Girl

Today is School Photo Day, conceived of and founded by Educlaytion, Ironic Mom, and Keenie Beanie, three fantastic bloggers with fun, creative ideas for community-building. If they weren’t so great, I wouldn’t even think about breaking out the goofy kindergarten picture, but (deep breath) here it is, along with a little discussion about reading:

The year was 1976. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was number one at the box office, and it was still another nine months or so before Star Wars. Punk Rock had become an official genre, even though disco was still going strong. Nadia Comaneci had won 3 Olympic gold medals in gymnastics with perfect scores. Jimmy Carter had been elected President, and The United States was 200 years old, but I was only five. This is where I start my story. Continue reading