The prodigal linguist returns.

Yes, I have been away for a long time.

No, I haven’t been gallivanting and blowing my inheritance on cheap booze, men, and gambling, though I do return repentant and ready to settle down and take on my responsibilities.

It appears that December and January are not good writing months for me. Semester adjustments are always time-consuming, but the winter transition is particularly thorny. After the insanity of final grades and holiday time has subsided, my brain shuts down. Because the winter interim between semesters is quite short, I barely have time to catch my breath before school starts again. Then the dust settles and I can start thinking clearly enough to resume writing. Continue reading

This…is Link-o-Rama!

I hope Epitaph Records will forgive me for stealing and slightly altering the title of their 1998-2005 compilation of punk songs. My punishment should be to have an annoying song stuck in my head all day long. Instead, I’ll probably wimp out and listen to The Hives.

By Monday evening, I will be finished with instruction for the Spring semester. Perhaps when you are reading this, I will already be dancing on the table sedately celebrating the end of lesson planning for another term. I will still be grading papers and tests and figuring final course grades over the next week and a half, however, and by the end of it all, there will be no doubt about it. There will be dancing. On the table. With no photographic evidence of such.

While I’m working on a longer post for later this week, here are the links to some really interesting things I’ve seen around the Web in the last week or so. Continue reading