Verbs Are in Season

This Friday’s Word of the Week shows that we don’t have to have our noses in dusty old books (as fun as that can be!) to learn new and interesting words. I didn’t encounter this word while reading; instead, it comes to me from the culinary world.

I went to lunch this week with my boyfriend. It was a rare treat and so we chose a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try for a few months. The food was wonderful; the restaurant was one of these Support Your Local Farm establishments, so the food was fresh and in season. In fact, they even had a list of foods that are in season now in this region. I was very excited to see that black truffles are in season because there are few things that I love quite like black truffles.

As I scanned the list after eating some delicious cod cakes and green salad, I saw that salsify is in season. I remembered seeing it on the menu: Black Truffle Salsify Soup.  Despite my love of truffles, I had decided against the soup because I wasn’t so sure I would enjoy the combination of the earthy truffle with something I imagined involved tomatoes and cilantro. Now, seeing the word on the list of local, in-season produce, it suddenly hit me that I had parsed the word incorrectly when I read the name of the soup. My brain had turned it into salsa. Now that I knew it was actually one product that grew in spring, I wanted to know exactly what it was. Continue reading