A slimikin offering for your reading pleasure

It’s another Friday, and that usually means vocabulary over in my neck of the intarwebs. And vocabulary I will give you, after a fashion. First, I will quaeritate you to be patient.

I am hightailing it out of town today and will be away for a fortnight (that’s two weeks, but doesn’t ‘fortnight’ just sound so neat?). I am coming up on my two-year blog anniversary, and so I have some embolimaeal re-postings of some of my earlier pieces that some of you may not have seen. I may have some limited internet access for the first week, so I’ll probably be able to check in once in a while. As most bloggers do, I love comments; I enjoy both the feedback and the sodalitious nature of the interchange. If you’ve been reading for even a short while, you know I like to answer all comments. Please do continue to leave those comments, as I sure do love ’em (wink wink, nudge nudge, say-no-more say-no more), but I may not be able to answer right away. I will certainly respond when I can. Continue reading