I’m getting bolder as I age. Because of this, there will be several things happening in today’s blog that are completely uncharacteristic of me. The first is launching myself into a current ‘hot topic’ while it’s still…you know…hot. It’s not because I am against bandwagons or jumping upon them. Sure, I often ignore them, but if it’s a nice bandwagon, I’ll jump. The problem with me is that I am so often unaware of these hot topics until they are long gone. Elvis has not only left the building, but he’s already played three other venues and had a week off by the time I realize that he’s not coming back for another encore.

So, in a rare turn of events, I may have caught this one while I still have a chance to grab a handle and swing myself into the baggage car. And what is this hot topic? It’s a video blog about accents. I first saw it at Renee’s blog, Lessons for Teachers and Twits. She got it from Jessica at Meet the Buttrams, who in turn heard it from Jamie’s Rabbits. The chain continues but I’ll stop there. The videos that I did mention are fantastic and you really should go have a look-see. Continue reading