A Modern Day Dinosaur

Oh, you thought I was a one-trick pony?

As much as I love writing about language and literature, I realized that I’ve got plenty to say about other topics as well.

Photography was natural choice for a second blog that I started a year or so ago (Moonlighting). I have never been able to draw, paint, or sculpt, and I have very little patience for making merely expressive, but not skilled, art. At a relatively early point in my life, I realized that my vehicle for visual – not verbal – self-expression was a camera. Being a stubborn woman, I didn’t want the camera to take good pictures; I wanted to learn the skill of taking good pictures. To that end, just after college, I bought myself a solid, manual-only Pentax K1000 35mm camera and set about learning how to use it. I loved it so much that it’s been my primary camera for the past 18 years.

After a nice little run, I got involved in other things and didn’t have the time to give to it, so Moonlighting languished.

Then I got antsy. I wanted to take more pictures, but I also wanted to write about cooking or fitness, or cars. I had things to say about subjects other than language! (Shocking, I know.) But I couldn’t maintain three separate blogs. What was a linguist to do?

A Modern Day Dinosaur was born. It is now where you will find non-language related writing, including my old photo blog posts and any new ones I will write.

I do hope you come on over and see how you like it.

8 thoughts on “A Modern Day Dinosaur

  1. As a non linguist, surely you will agree that you mean ‘doubtful’ rather than ‘dubious’ . . . . .
    and yes I know that the two have to some extent become interchangeable, and I understand that language changes and evolves . . . but allow me this rant(ino)

  2. I mean no disrespect here but upon a preliminary skimming (redundant, I’m like that) of your blog, you appear to be the smarter version of me…down to teaching ESL in another country (again, you’ve bested me at 3) and the Pentax K1000. I’d concur on whiskey but I’m afraid yours is whisky and there’s a difference; it’s slight mind you but important to aholes like me.

    • The 3 countries does include the US, mind you, so maybe we’re even! Isn’t the Pentax a gem? It’s never failed me for nearly 20 years. Any failures have been purely my own (which, again, is exactly why I wanted that camera. I want credit for good pictures and blame for bad ones!)

      In my defense, I default to whiskey, but I do not have control over the manufacturer’s insistence on whisky. And really, it should avoid the question entirely and call itself bourbon, which would be proper since it was distilled in Kentucky. Either way, it sure is tasty! :)

      • I note that you ensconced “mind you” in commas, limr. :)

        I checked out your Moonlighting site, where I tried to leave a couple of comments on your lovely photos, but neither of my attempts were successful. I didn’t get a notice saying they were being moderated or anything. Is there something wrong there?

      • That is a little strange. I didn’t disable comments, but I did transfer the content to the Modern Day Dinosaur site. The pictures are still on Moonlighting, so clearly the content was copied, but maybe that somehow disabled commenting? I’m grasping at straws here; I really don’t know what the Great Oz does behind the WordPress curtain :) You can always go to the Dinosaur site and search by category. I’ve been doing a Project 365 (one photo per day for a year. I’ve been putting up posts with more than one picture mostly) so there are a lot of photo posts, but you can check by camera too if it’s too overwhelming. :)

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